Integrity Public Adjusters Questions

Q. What is a Public Adjuster?

A. Public Adjusters are licensed by the State of Florida to represent insured policyholders. They contract directly with a policyholder to provide adjusting services and negotiate a claim settlement on their behalf with the insurance company. The Public Adjuster protects the interest of the insured policyholder.

Q. How are Public Adjusters different from other adjusters?

A. There are two other types of adjusters licensed by the State of Florida.

Company Adjuster – They are employees of an Insurance Company whose responsibility is to handle claims and protect the interests of their employer.

Independent Adjuster – They are hired by the Insurance Company to adjust the claim and report their findings back to the Insurance Company. They protect the interests of the Insurance Company for a fee.

Q. Why hire a Public Adjuster?

A. It is the responsibility of the policyholder to prove their loss, not the Insurance Company. The insurance policy contains numerous provisions and conditions that must be followed to maximize ones settlement. Failure to do so may reduce the settlement or even result in a denial of claim. For consumers needing assistance in navigating the claims process a Public Adjuster is their choice. Among other things, the Public Adjuster can analyze coverage from the policyholder’s position, identify, record and quantify all damages associated with the claim’s event, help the policyholder understand the quality of all settlement offers advanced by the Insurance Company and assist the policyholder with the preparation, presentation and adjustment of the claim.

Q. I received a settlement from my Insurance Company that I do not agree with. Can I do anything about it?

A. Yes. A Public Adjuster can reopen your claim, under most circumstances, within 5 years from the date of loss and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

Q. How much do Public Adjusters charge for their service?

A. The Public Adjuster is entitled under their contract for a percentage of the total claim settlement. They are not paid until the policyholder receives payment, thus there are no up front fees for their service. When a Public Adjuster is hired to reopen a claim or file a supplement on behalf of the policyholder compensation is based solely upon a percentage of the settlement received with their involvement after entering into a contract.

Q. I have a general contractor, can’t they help me with the claims process?

A. Florida statute prohibits any contractor or subcontractor from participating in the claims process of a third party.

Q. What is the difference between a “private adjuster” and a “public adjuster”?

A. The State of Florida refers to adjusters working for the policy holder as a “public adjuster”. Some individuals also refer to these adjusters as “private adjusters” or “private insurance adjusters”.