Palm Beach County Commercial Public Adjusters

Palm Beach County Commercial Public Adjusters  


Palm Beach County Commercial Public Adjusters

Commercial properties demand the same detailed and stringent attention as a residential facility. For example, a loss to a condominium association building’s common area in Florida is considered a commercial loss.

What Does that mean?

So, in result, not all commercial losses center on business, trade or commerce alone. When it comes to the adjuster industry, commercial businesses have their own set of unique policies distinct to the commercial industry. These policies are usually regarded as:

Manuscript Policies

So, losses to a business can often involve very significant issues and challenges that consume time and energy, requiring a professional’s special skill set.

Palm Beach County Commercial Public AdjustersWho Has the Time to Manage These Issues?

Management does not have the time or resources to manage the issues of a loss as their tied up with day-to-day operations of the business. A professional public adjuster should be retained at the very on-set of a loss allowing management to focus on issues that will restore the operations of the business.

The Types of Issues in Commercial Claims

Each loss has its own unique problems that must be calculated and worked through. Through years of experience, we have seen certain consistencies and practices that usually occur in commercial claims that if not planned for and dealt with properly can create negative results.

Commercial losses are not total losses, typically. While the stock and equipment cannot be sold as planned, they may have significant salvage value to other consumers looking to purchase.Palm Beach County Commercial Public Adjusters

If your insurance company pays you for the cost of damaged stock, does that give them the right to take the salvage, sell it and pocket the difference after the salvage company takes their cut?

No, because there are numerous issues involved in this process. First, are your losses in excess of your coverage? If so, you may be entitled to salvage recovery money. Also an agreement needs to be reached between the insurance company, your professional public adjuster and the salvage company on what the net amount may be after cost. It’s important to know this number. Many claims have been settled where the insured is allowed to keep salvage as a trade-off for a somewhat reduced total loss payment.

Palm Beach County Commercial Public Adjusters

As experienced public adjusters, we understand the claims process and have the resources and expertise to help you recover your claim. Our knowledge of the insurance policy, claims process and field experience have yielded us a longstanding positive reputation in the industry.

We pride ourselves on attempting to receive the highest maximum claims settlement under your policy stipulations so you can be paid to recover as fast as possible.

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